Schoolhouse Village! What is happening!

Ahhhhh! The excitement is in the air! Kennesaw, GA has its first day of sunshine in months which means I get to hear the tractors roaring again to bring us all the one of a kind Schoolhouse Village! 

If you haven't joined in, go to their Facebook page for the most updated information and projections for completion. Right now it's still projected for the Fall of 2020, but after Seattle weather for 4 months, I'm guessing that's going to be a miracle to hit. The great news is it's just a delay. I can look out my back door and see the workers inside the townhomes. They aren't letting any moss grow under their feet. :)

I know the public can get their perspective of how awesome this place is really going to be from public sites. My perspective is to add what it means personally to this area, this community, the real estate market - and how much excitement is in the air for it to come to life! 

Chad Howie is the project manager. He's such a down to earth guy who has already given so much to our community. He represents a very benevolent company whose goal isn't to take over a town but to ingratiate itself into the town's personality. For us, that's trains and historical battles. Their designs for the Brewerys, Apartments, Townhomes and Retail Shops was crafted to fit into our already awesome town.

Our city and its residents have been engaged in this project from day one. Although there have been some battles, (always are) the truth is our populace is excited to be thetown that will be on the cover of travel magazines. It's really going to be that awesome! 

I'll keep posting updated pictures so you all can follow the progress with me. My goal is to stalk Chad for an interview, Wink along with the Mayor and some local Business Owners. So proud of my town and sooooo excited about its future! 

Schoolhouse (Village) Rocks! You have to be old to get that one.

Talk soon guys!


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