Kennesaw! It's not just for trains anymore!

I love more than anybody around to see my city revitalized! That could never happen without a city council that admires our rich history but realizes that the future is the live/work/play communities. Go big or go home? They went big! 

So....the city that is already voted top cities to live in year after year said that's good but not good enough. We want to be the best, safest, forward-thinking city in the South. I'd say they did it! 

Coming in the Fall of 2020. Be on the forefront of everybody else and get in this city while you still can. It's Amazon meeting in the basement right now. Be the ones who pull the trigger first on what is coming. 

Our Team is ready to navigate you through the coming changes. Where to buy. The importance of location, access, home values, school districts. We are the local experts and it only took a combined 100 years between us in this city to claim that! 


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